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Whatsoever your need to calculate area might be. You could be looking to measure the area on a map or Calculate area on map to digitally and easily measure the land.

Mapulator is your one-stop solution for the need to Measure Area on Map.

In this article, we will show you how you can measure area with ease using Mapulator

What is Mapulator?

Mapulator is a free tool available to measure area on map and the distance of land – no matter what kind – by drawing lines on a map or by using the GPS location of the area in question.

You can use the tool to not just measure, but to plan, build and visualize projects on the mapped land. Mapulator is easy to use and it comes with an easy-learn manual and technical support for all features.

Mapulator offers features like:

  • Drawing Tools.
  • Cloud Storage
  • Measurement Units
  • Live GPS
  • Project Sharing

The ease of usage and interactive user interface makes for a perfect solution to all land measurement-related requirements. Mapulator, with over 1 million downloads and 100,000 odd projects, offers some interesting insights into land mapping and measuring through its intelligent interface.

Why Mapulator is a must to calculate area using Map?

Mapulator offers an interface that is self-explanatory and easy to use, which makes for a seamless measuring e xperience that can be stored and accessed anytime. More so, you can download it from the App store and Google Play for free and make use of its features at zero expense.

You can also learn to make the best use of the tool through the video guide available on the Mapulator website.

measure area on map

How to measure area on map using Mapulator

Here are the ways you can measure area on map using Mapulator.

1) Tap on the map and draw points

  1. Choose the add selector on the tool and select the region where you want to measure area on map and click on done.
  2. Use the layers option present above the done option.
  3. Mapulator will Join the first and last point you added to calculate area on map for you.

 2) Use scope to add points to measure area

  1. Use the selector and move the scope to the desired location.
  2. Move the scope to the desired location.
  3. Select the red cursor to add a point.
  4. Once you are done adding points, click on done.
  5. To add an area, use the layers option present above the done option.
  6. A layer gets created with the area measurement.

3) Draw and measure area on map

  1. You can just draw the location on the map using your finger and check the area.
  2. To add more area, use layers option present above the done option.
  3. Mapulator will then join the first and last points you added and produce the area measurement.

 4) Use coordinates

You can also use coordinates to measure the area of the location.

  1. Select coordinates on the tool selector, and add the X and Y coordinates of the points of the land that you want to measure
  2. If you want to add more area, use the layers option present above the done option.

 5) Use GPS Live

As you move, Mapulator will trace your location and if you have selected the layer option and the area, then the located area is measured.

6) To find an area of a circular field:

  1. Add a line from the center of the circular field to the circumference of the circular field on the map.
  2. Select the option ‘circle’ from the layer settings button. You will get the area of the circular field.

Use any of the above mentioned tools on Mapulator and plot the area to be measured on the map. This will give you the exact measurement of the distance without the need to go on-site and check the same.

What more can you do than measure area on map?

There are more features that Mapulator provides other than land mapping. You can make the best use of them –

  • Mapulator has the ability to select the way/ path to the said plot
  • Mapulator also has a premium version for more functionality and data storage
  • Export to KML feature allows easy and perfect access to data accessed within Mapulator.
  • You can share the link to your project with your project partners and they can access it with ease.
  • You can simultaneously utilize multiple maps on the tool.
  • Ample drawing tools and measurement units are available.
  • Mapulator offers cloud storage to ensure safety of your data.
  • User-friendly and self-explanatory interface for map measurement
  • Access to more information and extended learning on the Mapulator website.

What users think

Regular users of Mapulator have loved the features that it offers and the ease of usage that the interface provides. The audience is highly specific – ones who regularly find the need to measure area on map and who swear by Mapulator for the same.

“I’ve used Mapulator to measure the area of different locations on the go – it helps me document and present the statistics without the pressure of actually visiting sites to measure them. Its really easy and handy to use – something very carefully designed to cater to the everyday needs of my contemporaries.”

[-Ronan Wilson]

“I really like this app, it does what it claims very well. I am a farmer and use it all the time to calculate acreage and plan irrigation. The only feature I really wish it had was the ability to plot a perimeter on the go while traveling around it- like an active track sort of function.”

[- Farmer-Oregon]

“Simplest app I was looking to measure distance over water which sometimes any of the map apps don’t allow you to do easily. User interface is not so intuitive and the functionality is also very limited but gets the job done, loving it.”


Measure Maps effortlessly and access a variety of map measurement tools with Mapulator app! Download Mapulator Now!!!


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