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Free Tool to Measure Map Distance and Area for Android and iPhone. Calculate area of land, farm, or distance on a map by drawing lines or using GPS location

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Build you map project from scratch. Mapulator gives you all tools to make you first map project. 


 Land distance and area measurement on Mapulator. Draw lines, use the scope of go live with GPS to measure.


Map Data visulisation has never been more easier. No complex codes, no difficult setup. Create a project and get started.


Mapulator offers you the best set of tools to make sure you get the perfect measurement for distance and area measure and build the perfect map project.

Cloud Storage

Share Project

Multiple Maps

Meausrement Units

KML Support

GPS Live

Drawing Tools

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Runs Everywhere

Learn how to use a mapulator

Here is a video tutorial that will tell you how to use Mapulator to Measure map distance and area of a land



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Super helpful

We had the task of putting up fences and this program was unbelievably helpful! It not only allowed us to layer on where each Fence would be, but also showed us in near real time where we were in relation to our new fences. I gave them five stars because of the time it saved our ranch hands in developing new pastures.

- TTexasTom

Great app

I really like this app, it does what it claims very well. I am a farmer and use it all the time to calculate acreage and plan irrigation. The only feature I really wish it had was the ability to plot a perimeter on the go while traveling around it- like an active track sort of function.

- Farmer-oregon

100% Awesomeness

I couldn’t love this app anymore. Before I found this app I was about to pay another company several hundred dollars per month for my roofing company’s ability to measure roofs. Then I found this app and it does everything I need it to do for free. The measurements are VERY precise. I’ve ordered 100’s of Eagleview Aerial reports with measurements in the past and have measured many of them with this app as practice to see how close I can get to their measurements and they are right on the money most every time. I’m not even sure what all else this app has the ability to do but for what my company and I need, Love it!

- MikeW_CCR

Fell in love in 5 minutes

Simplest app I was looking to measure distance over water which sometimes any of the map apps don’t allow you to do easily. User interface is not so intuitive and the functionality is also very limited but gets the job done, loving it.

- Ausmani


This app is essential if you need to calculate land area measurements! For example, you find a deal on Sod, but driving home to measure manually could cause the deal to be missed. (Although it does enable zoom to calculate near-precise measurements)

- Tom Blakley

Our customers love Mapulator. Some of ours customer have saved 100s of dollars in measurement and survery cost. Read what our Customers have to say.


How to measure map distance ?

Using Tap and Scope:
1. Add two points or more on Map.
2. Select done.
Using Draw:
1. Just draw a line on the map.
2. Select done
Using Coordinates:
1. Add Coordinates of the point
2. Select done.
Using GPS Live:
1. Select GPS Live from the tool selector.
2. Traces location as you Move.
3. To cancel select red cursor.
4. To Complete select done.

How to measure area on map?

To measure map distance and area use the layer settings option and select Area. You must add more than two points.

Can I measure area in Apple Maps?

We use the Apple map layout in the app, which has a clear view of what you measure.

Can I measure area in google maps?

We use the Google map layout in the app, which has a clear view of what you measure.

How to purchase Premium version of Mapulator

Download the app from here, Login with your email. Once you are logged in you can find the option “Subscription”. Chose the plan which suits your needs and subscribe.

Video tutorial of Mapulator

You can watch the Video tutorial by clicking here.

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