Free Area and Distance Calculator for Land Survey!

Our free map measuring tool is designed to help you survey land, farms or fields. It’s the perfect area calculator to find the area of a plot or property and a distance calculator to track distances on a map. You can draw lines on the map or use GPS location tracking. Download & try now!

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Distance Calculator

Mapulator: Advanced Land Measurement App

Discover the Advanced Area and Distance Calculator Features of Our Map Measurement Application.

Build Multiple Maps

Craft and manage a variety of maps to suit your specific needs effortlessly.

Calculate Measurement Units

Accurately measure distances and areas with precision using customizable units.

Visualize with KML Support

Enhance your map experience by importing and visualizing KML data seamlessly.

Access GPS Live

Stay connected to real-time locations and navigate with confidence using live GPS updates.

Utilize Cloud Storage

Securely store and access your maps and data anytime, anywhere with convenient cloud integration.

Efficient Drawing Tools

Unleash your creativity and precision with intuitive drawing tools for personalized map annotations and designs.

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