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Our free map measuring tool is designed to help you survey land, farms or fields. It’s the perfect area calculator to find the area of a plot or property and a distance calculator to track distances on a map. You can draw lines on the map or use GPS location tracking. Download & try now!

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Mapulator is the most popular map measurement app in the market. We’ve crossed over a million dowloads on App Store and Play Store. Below are some highlights.

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Learn more about Mapulator

👉 What is Mapulator?

Mapulator is a free online tool that allows users to measure area and distance on a map. It uses Google Maps and Apple Maps as the underlying map provider and provides a variety of measurement tools.

Mapulator specializes in measuring distances and areas on a variety of map types such as, road maps, satellite maps, and terrain maps. Mapulator also offers several units of measurement for distances and areas, and allows users to share their measurements and collaborate with others.

👉 What are the different features of Mapulator?

  • Measure using pin, circle or drawing options
  • Pick stroke and fill color
  • 100% accurate measurements
  • Select different metric units
  • Live drawing : Calculate as you draw
  • Multiple map types
  • Search location using address or zip code or city
  • Undo/Redo functionality
  • Share your measurment

👉 What are the different users of distance and area measurement?

Area and distance measurement tool that can be used by anyone who needs to measure distances or areas on a map. It is commonly used by individuals or organisations that need to plan routes and calculate distances or estimate the size of a specific area. This could include hikers, bikers or other outdoor enthusiasts who need to plan a route or estimate the distance they will need to travel. Area and distance measurement is useful for real estate agents and surveyors.

👉Below are some common use cases for map measurement:

  • Farmers to measure farm lands
  • Agronomists
  • Town and city planners
  • Construction engineers
  • Landscape surveyors
  • Farm and border fencing
  • Sports track measurement
  • GIS, ArcGIS, ArcMap
  • Roofing planners
  • Trekker and Hikers
  • Civil Engineering
  • Measure aerial routes
  • Indi Pilots
  • Paddock calculation and measuring
  • Land measurement

👉 What are different units of distance measurement on Mapulator?

Mapulator offers several different units of measurement for distances, including meters, feet, kilometers, miles and nautical miles. Kilometers and miles are often used for measuring longer distances, such as the distance between two cities. Nautical miles are typically used for measuring distances at sea.

👉 What are different units of area measurement on Mapulator?

There are several different units of measurement for area, including square meters, square feet, acres, hectares and square miles the app supports. In addition, we add more local measurement units every now and then to make it more convenient.

👉 What are the different types of maps?

Mapulator provides 3 types of maps:

  1. Satellite: A satellite map is a map that is created using satellite imagery. Satellite maps often provide a more detailed and accurate view of an area than a traditional road map. They show features such as terrain, vegetation, and bodies of water in addition to roads and buildings. Satellite maps are often used for navigation, planning and environmental studies. They can also be useful for observing changes over time as satellite imagery is regularly updated.​
  2. Roadmap: The default map type is a roadmap which shows roads, highways and other transportation networks. Roadmaps are the most widely used type of map as they provide a clear and easy to understand overview of an area and how to navigate it.​
  3. Terrain: A terrain map shows the topography of an area, including its hills, valleys, and other physical features. They can also be helpful for planning outdoor activities, such as hiking or biking as they can provide an overview of the elevation changes and terrain challenges.

👉 What are the different mapping tools?

Map measurement requires a set of tools that are accurate and easy to use. Here are some of the measuring tools for Mapulator.

  • Draw: With the mobile app, you can draw on the desired map with your finger, stylus or Apple Pencil. This is very useful for quick measurements on the surface without getting into finer details.
  • Tap: The easiest way to measure an area or distance is to tap on the map. This is a quick way to measure. Zooming in, of course, gives more precise measurements.
  • Plot with scope: Plotting with the scope is the best way to get fine and more precise measurements. The mobile app provides a crosshair on the center of the map, which moves along with the map surface.
  • GPS Live: Measuring a land or field with GPS is specially designed for mobile devices. You will just need to move across the land by walking, biking, etc. and the app will automatically plot all the coordinates for you.​
  • Enter Coordinates: This is the most accurate way of measuring on the map. Just enter the GPS coordinates which is the latitude and longitude and Mapulator will plot the marker on the specified point. You can also enter the coordinates in degrees.

👉 What is the cost for Mapulator?

Mapulator is a free area measurement app if you just want to calculate distances and areas. All of the measurement tools are available for free without any extra cost. However, certain features like collaborating with people sharing the project via email and searching for an address require the user to upgrade to a Lite or Pro plan. For more information on pricing, please visit the pricing page.

Frequently Asked Questions

👉 Can you measure distance on Google Maps?

Mapulator uses Google Maps and Apple Maps as the map providers, and hence it supports distance measurement on Google Maps. Please read more here Measure Distance Using Google Maps which explains map measurement process.​

👉 Need to Survey Land or Calculate Area?

Mapulator App Has You Covered!
If you need to survey land or calculate the area of your property Mapulator can be a useful tool. It works as a map calculator and acre calculator, allowing you to quickly determine the size of your land in acres. Additionally, if you need to measure distance then the Mapulator app serves as a map distance calculator, enabling you to measure the distance between two points on a map accurately. The app also provides various modes of map with distance calculator.

Furthermore, the Mapulator app can be used as a map Google distance calculator to obtain more precise results. It also functions as a distance mapper, allowing you to create a visual representation of distances on a map. This app is a valuable tool, particularly for architects, engineers, real estate agents and anyone else who needs to measure distance and area accurately. By using the Mapulator measure distance tool, you can make your work more efficient and effective while ensuring that your calculations are always accurate.