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Download Mapulator an Area Measurement and Distance Measurement App to give you precise and efficient measurements.

Measure Area & Distance with Multiple Layers

With the Mapulator app, users can easily create multiple layers and effortlessly calculate both the area and distance of their desired locations by adding colorful layers and differentiating as per user needs.

Multiple Layers of Area Measurement

Save and Share Projects

With the help of the Mapulator app, users can conveniently save their map area measurements and distance measurement layers on cloud storage, and easily share them with others at any time.

Save and Share Project

Live GPS Recording

Mapulator app allows real-time GPS location recording and tracking for calculating live distances, perfect for fitness enthusiasts to track their running or cycling routes and use as a distance measurement or area measurement app to calculate your fields.

Live GPS Tracking for Distance Measurement

Measure Using Multiple Units that suits your way

Mapulator makes it easy to switch between various measuring units to suit the users’ needs and preferences.

Multiple Units

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