distance and area measurement

Distance and Area Measurement on a map is made easy.

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or use the free Mapulator Web.

Distance and Area Measurement on Map 

Create and customize any work with different layer types.

Manage your Layers with the color of your choice.


Use GPS Live to Track Location and measure on the map

GPS Live lets you track location as you move and Distance and Area measurement is done.

Sharing Project is now easier on Mapulator

Share your project with your clients or with the World!

Share using KML

Use KML file to share projects and open it on many platforms

Share using Image

Share images of the project created and share them on Social Media.

Share link

Share a link to your project with your clients or those who need it.

Work across all your devices

Create Project on your Mobile and access it any time on the desktop or vice Versa. 
Mapulator comes with the flexibility of Edit, Create and Share your project anywhere in the world or on any of your device.