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Is Mapulator Free to use ?

Yes, Mapulator is Free to use.

Can I Measure Distance when I walk ?

Mapulator give you exact measurement of the distance you travelled using GPS Live feature in App, Which records your location Changes and Calculates the total distance Travelled by you.

Can I Measure Area when Walking on a plot?

Yes, Mapulator has a feature called “GPS Live” which lets you measure the Area when you are walking around the plot, It records your location change and calculates the Area of the Plot.

Does Mapulator Have a Satellite view ?

Mapulator has got Satellite view, in addition it also has “Terrain”, “Traffic” and “Hybrid” type.

Can I use Apple Maps with Mapulator

Yes, Mapulator supports Apple Maps and Google Maps.

How to Measure Using Mapulator ?

Learn to Use Mapulator
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