Empowering Utility Services with Mapulator.

  • Energy Utilities.
  • Transportation Utilities.
  • Water Utility.
  • Telecommunication Utilities.
Utility Services

Build Utility Services with Mapulator’s Powerful Features

Empower Your Utility Ventures with Mapulator’s Dynamic Toolset.

Asset Mapping and Management

Helps in creating accurate maps of utility assets, such as power lines, water mains or gas pipelines, enabling utility companies to efficiently manage their infrastructure.

Utility Locating

For construction projects or repairs, Mapulator aids in locating and avoiding underground utilities.

Resource Optimization

By visualizing utility assets on maps, companies can optimize resource allocation and track measurement leading to cost savings and improved service delivery.

Planning and Expansion

Utility providers can use Mapulator for strategic planning, including expansion projects, by assessing the best locations for new infrastructure based on existing data.