Track Sports and Outdoor Activities with Mapulator

Welcome to Mapulator! Explore how our app, designed for accurate area and distance measurement on maps, can elevate your sports and outdoor activities. From planning routes for hiking trails to measuring sports fields, Mapulator is your go-to tool for precision and efficiency.

Sports and Outdoor Activities

Mapping in Sports & Outdoor Activities

Enhancing Outdoor Activities

Accurate mapping plays a pivotal role in enhancing safety, optimizing routes, and improving overall experiences in sports and outdoor activities. Whether you’re planning a hiking expedition, organizing a sporting event, or exploring new outdoor adventures, Mapulator provides the tools you need for informed decision-making and seamless execution.

Key Features of Mapulator for Sports and Outdoor Activities

Measurement App to Tracking Outdoor Adventures with Precision

Ready to elevate your sports and outdoor activities with Mapulator’s precise mapping tools? Our commitment to innovation ensures that you have the tools and insights needed to explore, compete, and excel in various outdoor endeavors.

Distance & Area Measurement

Users can accurately measure distances between two or more points on the map, helping them gauge the length of a trail, track, or route.

Route Tracking

The app allows users to record and track their routes in real-time, providing valuable data on speed, elevation changes, and the path taken during activities like hiking, cycling, or running.

Waypoint Marking

Users can mark waypoints or specific locations of interest along their route, making it easier to navigate to and from those points.

GPS Location

The app uses GPS technology to pinpoint the user’s exact location on the map, ensuring accurate navigation and route tracking.


Users can plan and follow specific routes, ensuring they stay on course and reach their destination safely.


The app include a built-in compass for orientation and navigation in the field.

Why Choose Mapulator?

Empowering Adventure and Excellence

Choose Mapulator for unmatched accuracy, versatility and ease-of-use in sports and outdoor activities. Our app is tailored to meet the unique needs of athletes, adventurers and event organizers alike.